celebrate and meet

Our uniquely adaptable environment shines with every celebration and event we facilitate. Across our dedicated meeting rooms and specially prepared spaces, we offer hosts and guests the opportunity to forge memorable moments against unforgettable backdrops.

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“A backdrop of stunning mountain, jungle and ocean views.“


Your most special day, brought to life the Seychellois way. By which we mean bursting with the soul, love and energy that typifies the place we call home, all set against a backdrop of stunning mountain, jungle and ocean views. But we also make sure it’s the place that you get to interweave with your own stories, special people and singular touches throughout the entirety of your celebration.

private events

Whether you’re looking to whisk your loved ones away for an intimate island soiree or channel a fabulous Seychellois frisson into an unforgettable party, laïla exists to accommodate. From formal banquet dinners to casual cocktails by the beach, to who-knows-where-the-night-will take-us… Our spaces and service offer an experience unlike any other. 


“From an intimate island soiree to an unforgettable party”


Our 8-person, banquet-style meeting room serves as space for intimate and executive-level meetings, when it’s necessary to remove yourself and your team from the distractions of everyday office life. Other areas of laïla, from our restaurants and bars to the pool deck, can also be used for meetings and team building in energising new environments.


“ An energising environment for decision making and team building.“